Building Digital Foundations: Premier IT Solutions for Rhode Island's Construction Industry

Streamline Projects, Secure Designs & Elevate Your Construction Operations


  1. Project Management Integration: Harness advanced IT tools to monitor, adjust, and accelerate construction timelines seamlessly.
  2. Robust Data Security: Safeguard blueprints, client contracts, and proprietary designs with top-tier cybersecurity measures.
  3. On-site & Remote Support: Whether in the office or at a construction site, our 24/7 support ensures you're always connected and operational.
  4. Digital Collaboration Tools: Facilitate real-time collaboration between architects, engineers, and site managers.
  5. Cloud Storage Solutions: Access project files, blueprints, and documentation from anywhere, ensuring project continuity.

Client Testimonials:

"We are delighted we choose OST and will continue to utilize them for years to come."

- Sandra G., VP at a leading RI Restoration Company

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About Us:

Here at OST,  we comprehend the intricate demands of the construction sector in Rhode Island. Our dedicated IT solutions, crafted from years of industry experience, ensure every construction project benefits from technological excellence.


  1. Can your IT solutions integrate with our existing construction software? Absolutely! We specialize in integrating our services with industry-specific tools, ensuring a smooth transition and operation.
  2. How do you ensure swift support at remote construction sites? With our dedicated remote support and on-call technicians, we guarantee prompt assistance regardless of your project's location.
  3. Do you offer data backup solutions? Yes, our comprehensive cloud storage and data backup solutions ensure your critical project files are always secure and accessible.