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  1. Data Security: Protect sensitive client information with industry-leading cybersecurity solutions tailored for law firms.
  2. 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock IT support ensuring minimal downtime and rapid resolution.
  3. Compliance: Stay compliant with state and federal regulations, ensuring your IT infrastructure meets legal standards.
  4. Cloud Solutions: Access case files and critical data anytime, anywhere with our secure cloud services.
  5. Efficiency Tools: Modernize operations with software solutions that streamline case management and client communication.

Client Testimonials:

My partners and I are consistently pleased and impressed with the timeliness and quality of the services OST provides.”

Nicole M, Partner at RI Law Firm

“I have used Onsite Techs for my office for years. Whether it is tech support or installing new equipment, OST are top notch. They monitor and maintain my office IT continuously and prevent and fix problems before I even realize there is a problem. If you own a small business, you need to retain OST to keep you up and running and safe.”

John B, Senior Partner at Cranston Law Firm.

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About Us:

At OST, we understand the unique IT challenges faced by law firms in Rhode Island. With years of specialized experience, we offer tailored IT solutions that empower legal professionals to work confidently and efficiently.


  1. Do you offer tailored IT plans for small and large firms?
    Absolutely! We customize our IT managed services based on the unique needs of each law firm, regardless of size.
  2. How do you ensure our client data is protected?
    We employ industry-leading cybersecurity measures, regular data backups, and disaster recovery plans to ensure the utmost security.
  3. What if we need immediate support during a trial or crucial client meeting?
    Our 24/7 support ensures that you're covered during pivotal moments. Just give us a call or use our support app.